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September 22, 2017














Thursday, September 28th

Dunkin Donuts
58 Youngstown Warren Road
Niles, Ohio 44446

Please join us at the McKinley Heights Dunkin Donuts for a FREE donut and to learn more about our new campus coming to Liberty!

Can’t make it?
Join us for an open house!

 Sunday, October 15th

 Shepherd of the Valley
1500 McKinley Avenue Niles, Ohio 44446

Questions? Contact Kristen Taylor at 330-544-0771, ext. 2817 or



Weekly Reflections from Pastor Barnes – 9/29/2017

September 22, 2017


“Sure would be nice if that brush on the point didn’t obscure our view of the lake.” I’m reading Lorra’s mind. Hoisting myself out my easy chair, I grab my axe and pruning shears and head for the point. I’m swinging and chopping, making good headway, when it “hit” me: “Ouuuch!!! Unbeknownst to me, a family of yellow jackets has built a new home in the soft soil of the point and apparently I’m standing in their living room. One second I’m swinging and chopping, the next I’m running for my life, swatting at yellow jackets as I “make tracks” to the camper. I confess I didn’t get out of there unscathed. The little rascals got me on both hands and my left foot. I’m still scratching the welts. I’m a big believer is life lessons. The ordinary and mundane of the day can provide valuable insights if we are attentive students. And so I ask you, what might the moral of the story be? Select the response that you think best suits the circumstance: 1) Don’t wade into a thicket unless you know what’s hiding in the bushes.; 2) If your wife “hands” you a verbal “honey-do list,” pretend like your sleeping.; or 3) If she wants a better view – tell her to move her chair. All kidding aside, even the best-laid plans can run into unforeseen obstacles. Persistence and tenacity are the keys to every successful venture.
Consider the following observation gleaned from the Book of Lists 1980:

During a Monday night football game between the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants, one of the announcers observed that Walter Payton, the Bears; running back, had accumulated over nine miles in career rushing yardage. The other announcer remarked, “Yeah, and that’s with somebody knocking him down every 4.6 yards!” Walter Payton, the most successful running back ever, knows that everyone — even the very best– gets knocked down. The key to success is to get up and run again just as hard.

With that being said, my friends – get at it, stick to it, and be blessed

Weekly Reflections from Pastor Barnes – 9/22/17

September 20, 2017

“How was your day?”

Lorra and I have this habit we’ve developed over the course of 46 years of marriage. In the morning we part ways with a kiss and a good-bye – in the evening we meet again with a question: “How was your day?” The responses vary from “nothing out of the ordinary” to “do you really want to know?” Fact of the matter is even the best of planning cannot guarantee positive outcomes. Way too many variables to accurately predict the course of one’s daily affairs. Nonetheless, the admonition of the psalmist is to “rejoice” for this day and every day is a gift from God.

The following offers a reasonable example of how even the best layed of plans can go awry:

“A rich man was determined to give his mother a birthday present that would outshine all
others. He read of a bird that had a vocabulary of 4000 words, could speak in numerous
languages and sing 3 operatic arias. He immediately bought the bird for $50,000 and had it
delivered to his mother. The next day he phoned to see if she had received the bird. “What did you think of the bird?” he asked.

She replied, “It was delicious.”

I can’t help but wonder how the rich man responded when he got home and his wife asked the
proverbial question: “How was your day?” I pray your day goes better than his. Be blessed.

Weekly Reflections from Pastor Barnes – 9/15/2017

September 13, 2017

Long before Jesus walked the planet, the psalmist rose from his bed, walked to the window, pulled back the blinds, and pronounced: “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Not a bad way to greet a new day. Question: how do you meet a new sunrise? We live in a world of busy-ness and challenge. Outlook is everything. You might not have control over what this day brings, but you do have control over your attitude. Attitude is a choice – a personal choice. Several years ago, I was visiting with a patient in her home. The patient’s daughter was the caregiver. The patient was unresponsive and totally dependent. Knowing that the daughter had cared for her mother for years, I asked how she managed to maintain such a positive attitude. Her response was illuminating: “I don’t have control over much, but I do have control over my attitude. Only I can give myself a bad day.” Consider the following story, author unknown:

The noted English architect Sir Christopher Wren was supervising the construction of a magnificent cathedral in London. A journalist thought it would be interesting to interview some of the workers, so he chose three and asked them this question, “What are you doing?” The first replied, “I’m cutting stone for 10 shillings a day.” The next answered, “I’m putting in 10 hours a day on this job.” But the third said, “I’m helping Sir Christopher Wren construct one of London’s greatest cathedrals.”

How are you doing today? The answer to that question is up to you.

Weekly Reflections from Pastor Barnes – 9/1/2017

September 1, 2017

“You sure are busy!”

Seems there is no greater compliment these days than to offer the following words of recognition:  “You sure are busy!”    The fact of the matter is – it’s true.  Ours is a fast-paced, helter-skelter existence that involves “running to the beat” of an overextended calendar.  Unfortunately, this fast-paced world has dire affects on our peace of mind.  If you’re just “busy,” you might need to take a good look at what you’re “busy” with.  When people say, “You’re sure busy, Pastor.” I like to say, “Well, I hope I’m doing something worthwhile.”  According to Dr. Charles Swindoll: “Busy-ness ruins relationships. It substitutes shallow frenzy for deep friendship. It feeds the ego but starves the inner man. It fills a calendar but fractures a family. It cultivates a program that plows under priorities. Many a church boasts about its active program: ‘Something for every night of the week for everybody.’ What a shame! With good intentions, the local assembly can create the very atmosphere it was designed to curb.”

Please allow me to offer some assistance in this regard – an assessment tool, if you will.  If any of the following fit your circumstance, you might need to make some lifestyle adjustments.

LPN Job Fair

August 30, 2017

Open Interviews

Wednesday & Thursday – September 6th & 7th – 10AM-6PM


Shepherd of the Valley will be hosting a

job fair exclusively for LPN’s at our Niles campus.


Bring your resume to be interviewed for

any of our full time, or part time LPN openings.


1500 McKinley Ave.

Niles , OH 44446


Please visit us and apply online here!

Weekly Reflections from Pastor Barnes – 8/25/2017

August 25, 2017

I should have known better! Happens every time! Couple of nights ago, I decide I’m going to save a few bucks and install new brakes on my Saturn Vue. I stop at O’Reilly’s on the way home and pick up rotors and pads. Clearing the garage, I hoist the vehicle onto blocks. It’s all downhill from there! Two hours into the “contest,” I’m still wrestling with the old rotors in an attempt to dislodge them from the wheel hubs. Three skinned knuckles and a broken ego later, I surrender. I should have known better! Sometimes you just have to trust the professionals – the folks that do this stuff every day. A combination of experience, spiritual gifts, and education give them an edge on lay-folks like myself.

Don’t know if you think of yourself this way, but you’re a “pro.” Your calling in life is to provide a service that just not “any-old- body” can provide. Folks depend on you – folks that have been trying to do it themselves, but have come to the realization that they need help. They need a professional – and you’re the one. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said: “I don’t know how you do what you do.” I always find the statement puzzling because I cannot imagine doing anything else. This is my calling – and yours. We’re professionals. We come alongside and provide presence and assistance like no one else can. Keep up the good work my friends and if you doubt anything I’ve said, check out the following story, Author Unknown: The story is told of a man who lived for years in fear of strange, hideous animals who would hide under his bed and come out at night to prowl the room. One day the man told a friend, “My brother finally solved my problem.” “Oh, is he a psychiatrist?” the friend asked. “No, a carpenter. He cut the legs off my bed.”

Thanks be to God. He called a professional.

Congratulations to the 2017 Valley Legacy Award Nominees

August 24, 2017


The 2017 Valley Legacy Award  Nominees are:

Outstanding Senior Award for

Community Achievement

William Farragher –  Canfield

Marty Fuller – Warren

Ned Gold  – Warren

Margaret Ohl Grace – Warren

Hazel Howell – Masury

Sister Charlotte Italiano – Canfield

Raymond J. Jaminet – Youngstown

Sarah Janutolo – New Middletown

James F. Kerr – Lisbon

Carol Massey – New Middletown

Mary Ann McMahon – Niles

Emma Blackstone Moore – Poland

Carl A. Nunziato – Boardman

Dale W. Oliver – Poland

Ruth Ralston – Girard

Bob and Dee Simon – Warren

Rev. William Wilkins – Salem

Connie Young – Warren

Outstanding Senior Award for

Professional Excellence

Elder George Dial – Youngstown

Ralph H. Smith – Warren

Darlene St. George – Warren

Anita T. Stothard – North Lima

Outstanding Senior Advocate

The Outreach Committee of Living Lord

Lutheran Church – Howland

Mark Cole – Austintown

Roberta Cykon – Fowler

Debbie Zador – Warren

Mark and Trish Ludwick- The Senior News


Please join us to congratulate this year’s nominees at our luncheon on Wednesday October 4, 2017 at 12:00PM
at The Maronite Center.


Luncheon Information

Shepherd’s Foundation Monster Dash 5K & Family Fun Run

August 22, 2017

Shepherd’s Foundation Monster Dash 5K & Family Fun Run

Join us for the 1st Annual Shepherd’s Foundation Monster Dash 5K & Family Fun Run presented by Blue Sky Therapy!

Sunday, October 29 at 12:00pm
Registration opens at 10:00am

Shepherd of the Valley
4100 North River Road Warren, Ohio 44484

First 200 participants receive a Monster Dash t-shirt!
Cash prizes and awards for top finishers!

Registration is $18 before race day, $20 day of event.

Bring your friends and family to enjoy the 5K, children’s games, food, refreshments and entertainment!

For more information:

Register Here

Weekly Reflections from Pastor Barnes – 8/18/17

August 18, 2017

Saw a rock the other day.  Not just any rock, mind you.  This “guy” was huge.  Met this gargantuan monolith while traveling south through Columbiana County.  I was cresting a hill when I spotted it – a beautiful granite boulder, thirty feet high and twenty feet across – standing within a few feet of the highway.  It was glistening and pristine, no doubt deposited at its solitary resting place by a receding glacier.  The most impressive aspect of this monstrous stone are the words etched deeply into its face: “Jesus Saves.”  Apparently a wandering disciple scaled ten or twelve feet up the vertical face to chisel the gospel deep into the stony parchment.  “Jesus Saves.”   I wonder how many folks have pondered the phrase scrawled across the face of my “stoic friend.” Has someone found shelter and relief from the agony of sin in the message there memorialized?  Maybe – just maybe – a lost soul has been led to salvation through the sculptural prowess of a wandering evangelist.

According to popular tradition, the Reverend Augustus Montague Toplady was traveling along a gorge of Burrington Combe in the Mendip Hills in England when he was caught in a storm. Finding shelter in a gap in the gorge, he penned these words on a playing card:  Rock of Ages, cleft for me, / Let me hide myself in Thee; / Let the water and the blood, / From Thy riven side which flowed, / Be of sin the double cure, / Save me from its guilt and power.  Powerful images – powerful message.

I’ll bet a lot of folks view the stony epistle as pointless graffiti tainting the scenery.  How about you?  Do yourself a favor: don‘t just “drive by.”  Take a moment to consider.  The rock will be there for a long time, but not as long as you.  You will be around “somewhere” for an eternity.  What you make of that rocky signage will determine where.  Have you placed your confidence in the Rock that is Christ?  I hope so, but if not consider this article an invitation.