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Shepherd of the Valley Discount Cards

August 12, 2017

Shepherd of the Valley Discount Cards

Get instant savings and reusable coupons!

Help support Shepherd’s Foundation by purchasing a discount card! Each card is $20 and provides significant savings!

Cards can be purchased at any of our sites or online by using the paypal button to the left.

One time savings (over $88 value!):

  • Renato’s Pizza: Two 14″ one topping pizzas for $20
  • O’Charley’s: $10.00 OFF A $30.00 ORDER (excludes alcohol)
  • Panera Bread:Free You Pick Two with purchase of a You Pick Two
  • V2: $10.00 off a $30.00 order (excludes alcohol)
  • B&B Pizza Company: 20″ New York style pizza for $10.00
  • The Italian Marketplace: $5.00 off a $25.00 order (excludes alcohol)
  • DQ Chill & Chill:  Free sundae or cone with purchase of same
  • Coates Car Care, Inc.: $25.00 off any complete or $5.00 off standard oil change
  • Ianazone’s Pizza: Free 12″ cheese pizza

Reusable coupons:

  • Arby’s: Buy one, get one free regular roast beef sandwich (participating locations)
  • B&B Pizza: Free two liter of pop with purchase of large deep dish pizza
  • Buckeye Beverage: Free 10lb bag of ice with $5.00 purchase
  • Ianazone’s Pizza: Free two liter pop with purchase of tray at regular price (Niles)
  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels: Free pretzel with purchase of pretzal and a drink
  • Coletti’s Pizza: Free two liter pop with purchase of half sheet at regular price
  • Panera Bread: $2.00 off You Pick Two (Niles/Warren)
  • Spinners Sub Shop: $1.00 off any combo meal
  • Coates Car Care: $1.00 off any car wash
  • Record Connection: $1.00 off any purchase
  • O’Charley’s: 20% off entire food purchase (excludes alcohol)
  • Vernon’s Cafe: 10% off any entree (excludes alcohol)
  • Ghossain’s Gourmet Foods: 10% off entire order (excludes alcohol)
  • Italian Marketplace: 10% off entire order (excludes alcohol)
  • Lalatina Mexican Restaurant: 10% off entire order (excludes alcohol)
  • Robbins Avenue Pizza: 10% off any menu item (excludes wings)
  • DQ Grill & Chill: 10% off entire order
  • Chef Peng’s: 10% off entire order
  • Walrus Subs: 3 gyros for $15.00

Valid thru 7/31/18.


Discount Cards

Weekly Reflections from Pastor Barnes – 8/4/17

August 4, 2017

“. . . love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:31

Met my new neighbor the other day. I’m sitting in my lawn chair enjoying the scenery when he “hops” by. I reach down and scoop him up so we can have a talk – you know, “man-to- man.” He’s quiet, reserved. Appears contemplative and circumspect. Quite to my surprise, he “baptizes” me on the spot. So thoughtful. We have a brief conversation – he’s a good listener. What a pleasant fellow! Letting out a few soft
“rib-its,” he informs me that he must move on – has some “toady” errands to run. Planting him safely on the soft grass, I lie back in my chair and return to my daydreams. It’s just a brief encounter – a matter of minutes – but I am
blessed. I just made a new friend. He’s my neighbor.

According to Jesus, love of one’s neighbor is an essential part of a bona fide faith journey. Divorced from proper regard for the “other,” we become selfish and stingy.
Unfortunately, the pace most of us keep prohibits us from spending quality minutes with another – to share a greeting, a handshake, a smile. This is unfortunate. Everyone suffers as a result and slowly but surely, over time, the social fabric that binds us together begins to unravel. Question: What’s the remedy to this dilemma?
In my opinion, the answer will not be found by spending more quality time on Facebook. Twitter and texting will not provide resolution. No my friends, in order to realign ourselves properly with our neighbor, we will be required to offer-up that most precious of commodities – our time. We will have to give of our time to sit down, pause, speak, give our attention, our empathy, our concern – our-
selves. Another question: How much time will you devote this week in being a “good neighbor”? Your answer just might change your outlook on life. Blessings await! Something worth thinking about.

Weekly Reflections from Pastor Barnes – 7/28/17

July 28, 2017

Met an interesting lady a while back.  Spotted her at a function from across the room.  Appeared fragile, diminutive.  She was sitting buy herself along the wall – a solitary figure in a sea of people. Asked a gentleman to my left if he knew who she was.  “Oh yeah,” he said.  “That’s Elsie.  One remarkable human being.  She has devoted her entire life to helping others – the less fortunate among us.”  My friend spent the next ten minutes spelling out in real terms what “helping others” meant.  Who would ‘a thought?   I walked over and introduced myself and asked her to share her story.  She was meek and humble – wasn’t in the mind of boasting, but she did give me something that I have carried with me since that day.  She said: “I have a song my Grandmother gave me that has served as a guiding light.  I have tried my best to live up to the words.”   Following is the song Elsie shared.  I am determined to do as she did – how about you.  Might we possibly live up to the words?

If I can help somebody, as I pass along,
If I can cheer somebody, with a word or song,
If I can show somebody, that he’s travelling wrong,
Then my living shall not be in vain.

My living shall not be in vain,
Then my living shall not be in vain
If I can help somebody, as I pass along,
Then my living shall not be in vain.

If I can do my duty, as a good man ought,
If I can bring back beauty, to a world up wrought,
If I can spread love’s message, as the Master taught,
Then my living shall not be in vain.

Veteran Move-In Special

July 17, 2017

Veterans who sign an independent lease in July & August save!

New Howland and Poland residents will receive a $1500 statement credit. New Niles residents will receive a $500 statement credit.

Contact Info:

Shepherd of the Valley – Howland
330-856-9232, ext. 2618

Shepherd of the Valley – Niles
330-544-0771, ext. 2817

Shepherd of the Valley – Poland
330-726-7110, ext. 2318

Reinventing the Strategic Planning Process: An interview with Shepherd of the Valley CEO, Rich Limongi

July 5, 2017

Leading Age Ohio President/CEO Kathryn Brod spoke with Shepherd of the Valley’s Executive Director Rich Limongi about the strategic planning process. His interview was shared with Leading Age Ohio members as a tool in their strategic planning process. You can download the interview here or read the text below.

Reinventing the Strategic Planning Process
An interview with Rich Limongi, CEO
Shepherd of the Valley, Youngstown, Ohio

Shepherd of the Valley — of the Mahoning Valley in Northeastern Ohio — had its inception in 1972, when representatives from 40 local Lutheran churches came together to discuss the development of a home for the elderly. They shared a common vision: Create a not-for-profit community that would operate with a Christian philosophy.

With roots familiar to so many faith-based not-for-profit organizations, from this preliminary meeting Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Retirement Center was formed.The Lutheran Women’s League presented $10,000 to Shepherd’s original Board of Managers to help accomplish the mission of the Lutheran home. Between 1972 and 1974, several parcels of property and buildings were acquired and became what is now referred to as the original site of Shepherd of the Valley in Niles. Over the years, additional properties were acquired and services were added in Boardman, Howland and Poland. In 1997, the organization expanded its services to include At Home With Shepherd, a home health care program designed for the changing needs and expectations of families. In 2017, the organization completed a major nursing home addition on its Poland campus.

Rich Limongi joined Shepherd of the Valley in February 1991, becoming CEO in 2014. Rich took the time recently to describe the growth of his organization since he took the helm and the evolution of his organization’s strategic planning process.

How frequently do you and your board complete a strategic planning process?
Tradition and my experience had been to complete a plan every three to five years, but I  feel that change is unfolding so rapidly that we need to position ourselves to be more proactive. Our current strategic plan was adopted in 2015; we planned for a three-year horizon, so we are now preparing to launch our next strategic planning process in order to have the new strategic plan completed in 2018. I anticipate that this next plan will unfold even more rapidly; we are targeting the follow-up strategic plan for 2020.

So, you’ve gone from a five- to a three- to a two-year strategic plan. Help us understand the process you use to develop your strategic plan.
I know that for some organizations a strategic plan may be a bit of a formality, but for Shepherd of the Valley the strategic plan provides the framework for our ongoing reporting to the board. The plan’s objectives and action steps are a routine part of our board reporting, with a dashboard approach used to give the board a quick view of the status of work underway. This systematic reporting to the board ensures that we are regularly reviewing progress we’ve made towards the plan and ensures accountability to the board. Our leadership team also shares quarterly to all frontline staff to assure that they all understand where “our road map” is heading.

The results of this ongoing work will provide a foundation for the preparation for our next strategic planning process.

Describe that planning process, Rich. Does it include the board?
Our last strategic plan was prepared through a weekend retreat with the board. It was good, ‘meaty’ time with staff and board working together through the work of a facilitator to hone our sights on key initiatives. This time, though, I’m planning on using staff to drive the preparation work. We’ll seek the input of the board for the traditional SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) analysis, of course, but I believe we can keep the board’s work a bit more time limited and, more importantly, more focused on generative work, i.e. away from operations.

We recently held meetings with senior managers to identify our successes and challenges. We also sent to our Board a series of “BIG PICTURE” questions for their input. Each of these will inform the strategic plan development.

Your organization has been growing through the addition of new physical plant offerings (your new nursing home), but you’ve also grown through the addition of rehab services, medical social services and At Home with Shepherd. Can you share how you believe you should best position your organization for the future? i.e. Will growth continue as a focus of your future?
We definitely want to expand our Home and Community Based Service line from more than just our home health agency aka “At Home with Shepherd” and investigate the hospice service arena. This approach may be a collaborative approach; we are looking at its feasibility. We also plan to move into Liberty Township in Spring 2018 to construct a full CCRC (life plan community). We anticipate a 12-month construction timeframe.

What words of advice would you offer an organization that wants to revitalize its strategic planning process?
Communicate to your stakeholders early on in the process. Get your staff involved and encourage their participation. Appoint chair people for each “issue area” and empower them to provide updates and lead discussions. This has to be a collaborative/team effort to be successful and to tell your organization’s story!!

prepared by Kathryn Brod
LeadingAge Ohio

Family and Friends Nights

July 5, 2017

Aloha from At Home with Shepherd!

Please join us for a Family & Friends Night luau featuring a Hawaiian style menu & entertainment! (Tanning lotion optional.)

We will be hosting three Family and Friend Nights throughout July. Each party will be from 5:30pm – 7:00pm. The dates and locations are as follows:

Wednesday, July 12th 
Shepherd of the Valley
1500 McKinley Ave.
Niles, Ohio 44446

RSVP to 330-530-4041 by July 5th!

Wednesday, July 19th
Shepherd of the Valley
301 W Western Reserve Road
Poland, Ohio 44514

RSVP to 330-530-4041 by July 12th!

Wednesday, July 26th
Shepherd of the Valley
4100 North River Road NE
Warren, Ohio 44484

RSVP to 330-530-4041 by July 12th!

Community Bible Study

July 5, 2017

Join Grace’s Chaplain Don Scott Monaco for coffee and fellowship each month. This is a free group open to the entire community.

Group meets the third Monday of every month at 10AM at our Niles location.

Shepherd of the Valley Community Center
1500 McKinley Avenue
Niles, Ohio 44446


No RSVP needed. Questions? Please contact:

Amy Miklandric
Grace Hospice

Kristen Taylor
Shepherd of the Valley

Stars and Stripes Sock Drive

June 27, 2017

Help our Veterans in Need!

During the month of July, we are collecting white, cotton socks for our Veterans. Please consider donating at the following locations (Please note: we need men’s and women’s socks.)

Shepherd of the Valley
5525 Silica Road
Youngstown, Ohio 44515

Shepherd of the Valley
7148 West Boulevard
Boardman, Ohio 44512

Shepherd of the Valley
4100 North River Road
Warren, Ohio 44484

Shepherd of the Valley
1500 McKinley Avenue
Niles, Ohio 44446

Shepherd of the Valley
301 W. Western Reserve Road
Poland, Ohio 44514

For more information, contact Danielle Procopio at 330-530-4038, ext. 2057.

Shepherd of the Valley’s Values: Compassion

June 26, 2017

In our daily interactions with clients, with staff, and with each other, we will be governed by the basic Christian values of compassion, respect, dignity, spirituality, integrity and quality.

Each month, we recognize employees who embody these values. Congratulations to our employees modeling Compassion.


Open Interview Week at Howland Location

June 22, 2017

Join Our 5-Star Team in Howland!

Shepherd of the Valley is holding an Open Interview Week at our Howland community Monday, June 26th through Friday June 30th from 10am– 7pm.

Open interviews will be conducted for nurses and nurse aides. Bring your resume and receive an interview on the spot. We have various shifts available.

Dates: June 26th – June 30th

Time: 10:00AM – 7:00PM

Location: Shepherd of the Valley – 4100 North River Road NE Warren, Ohio 44484

For more information, please contact Pam Hall at 330-530-4038, ext. 2038 or