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The Adventures of Flat Grandpa

February 24, 2017

Inspired by the Second Wind Dreams Flat Elder Project, Shepherd of the Valley has decided to share the adventures of Flat Grandpa!

Flat Grandpa wasn’t always flat; in fact Flat Grandpa was rather athletic. A prize fighter, born and raised in Youngstown, OH, he took his fair share of hits but always came out on top and became one of the most famous fighters in the United States. His mom always told him “You’ll get a flat nose because of all those hits” but he was so good and won so much money he didn’t want to stop boxing. It would seem logical to think that one solid hit from his opponent would cause him to go flat but you’d be wrong!

Fast forward several years, bumps, bruises and girlfriends later to a 20th wedding anniversary trip to fabulous Las Vegas, the home of big boxing matches and glitz and glamour. After a day of wining, dining and shopping (his wife has a terrible shoe habit) it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for bed. Flat Grandpa’s wife asked him to put the new shoe boxes away while she relaxed on the couch. He opened the closet door and Wham! A complete avalanche of shoe boxes toppled on top of him, flattening him to a pancake. It took the hotel staff several minutes to even locate him underneath those boxes.

The former boxer was literally knocked out, but not the way everyone expected…

Fast forward 30 years and the side effects of taking all those blows are becoming more noticeable. The mind isn’t what it used to be, the joints are achy and a new hip is necessary. After undergoing orthopedic surgery he chose Shepherd of the Valley for his rehabilitation needs. He had such a good experience and enjoyed his time so much that he refused to go home. He did have one strange request; he wanted to have stays at each of the Shepherd communities to make as many friends as possible. But watch out for this guy! He has a tendency to follow you wherever you go!

Flat Grandpa has had many adventures visiting all of the residents and employees at Shepherd, going on outings and making new friends. Check out some of his adventures here:


Flat Grandpa spent some time working with our maintenance team, making sure the building is in tip top shape.


On an outing with the residents at Niles. Lunch and a movie!

Check out more adventures of Flat Grandpa on our Facebook page!

Interested in participating in the Flat Grandpa Project? Contact Kim Osborn at

Shepherd of the Valley celebrates ribbon cutting for Poland’s skilled nursing and rehabilitation center

February 10, 2017

Shepherd of the Valley celebrated their ribbon cutting for the skilled nursing and rehabilitation center at their Poland community on Thursday, February 9. Shepherd hopes to begin accepting residents into the new 32-bed center next month.


















Pictured left to right: Shepherd of the Valley Executive Director Rich Limongi, Board President Tony Amatore, Board Member Pat Was, Associate Director Kelly Stansloski, Environmental Services Director John Smith, Baker Bednar Synder & Associates Senior Project Architect Chris Bebb, DeSalvo Construction Executive Vice President Joe DeSalvo and DeSalvo Construction Vice President Mark Dodd.

Media Coverage:

Live Facebook tour with WFMJ

Shepherd of the Valley shows off new Poland center

Poland’s Happy Hour Lounge Dedicated in Resident’s Memory

February 8, 2017

LeRoy Bartelmay moved into Shepherd of the Valley Poland in 1999. He was well known and well liked amongst the residents and staff. He was very social and enjoyed spending time with his neighbors. Last year, residents, staff and family gathered to celebrate LeRoy’s 102nd birthday.

LeRoy’s younger brother, Merton, decided to move to Poland’s Independent Living in May of 2016.

“LeRoy was a resident that brought joy to our staff and his neighbors. LeRoy was the oldest of eight and we had the pleasure of meeting many of his family members over the years he lived here. We were excited to have another Bartelmay moving into our community,” said Elida Cowles, Poland’s Admission and Marketing Director.

Unfortunately, LeRoy had passed away in April, one month before Merton was to move in. Merton wanted to find a way to memorialize LeRoy in the place he had called home for 17 years.

“Merton had asked about opportunities to remember his brother. We had talked about what was important to LeRoy and what would be the most meaningful way to make an impact,” Cowles said.

Shepherd’s Foundation held a capital campaign for the new Poland project, providing donors recognition in a variety of ways. One of the opportunities was for naming rights within the building. Bartelmay hoped to have the happy hour lounge named in honor of his brother.

“It is very appropriate that we are memorializing LeRoy’s legacy in our happy hour lounge. He was a very social guy with a big personality and to remember him in a space intended to host social gatherings suits his reputation and his memory,” Tony Perrone, Director of Donor Engagement for Shepherd’s Foundation, said.

Bartelmay has one request: to have the first drink in the lounge in honor of his brother. The LeRoy Bartelmay Happy Hour Lounge was dedicated in a private ceremony on February 7, 2017.

“We had a very close family. There were eight children and LeRoy was the oldest. He was something of a celebrity here at Poland. My mother would have wanted me to do something to remember him. This would have made her very happy,” Bartelmay said.

For more information about Shepherd’s Foundation or naming right opportunities, please contact Tony Perrone at 330-530-4038, ext. 2028 or at

Save the Date for Shepherd’s Foundation 2017 Wine Social!

January 16, 2017

At Home With Shepherd to Host Wellness Clinics

January 15, 2017

Shepherd of the Valley is offering wellness clinics at three of their locations throughout Mahoning and Trumbull counties. Each site will host one clinic every month. At Home with Shepherd, the home health branch of Shepherd of the Valley, will provide a nurse to check blood pressure and blood glucose levels. The clinics will be held from 10:00 – 11:00 AM and are free to the public. RSVP’s are not required to attend the clinic. The list of clinic dates is as follows:

Niles (1500 McKinley Ave.) – February 8 in the community center

Poland (301 W. Western Reserve Rd.) – February 15 in the private dining area

Howland (4100 North River Rd.) – February 22 in their private dining area

Niles will host their free wellness clinic on the second Wednesday of every month. Poland will offer their free wellness clinic on the third Wednesday of every month. Howland will offer their free wellness clinic on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

For additional information, contact Matt Hoskins from At Home with Shepherd at 330-530-4041 or

Shepherd of the Valley to hold Job Fair

January 9, 2017

Shepherd of the Valley is holding a job fair to staff their new nursing facility in Poland on Thursday, January 12th from 10am– 7pm. Open interviews will be conducted for nurses and nurse aides. Bring a resume to be interviewed.


Event:                   Job Fair

Date:                     January 12th

Time:                     10am – 7pm

Place:                    Shepherd of the Valley

                              301 W Western Reserve Road
Poland, Ohio 44514


You can view all available jobs and apply online at

 For more information, please contact Pam Hall at 330-530-4038, ext. 2038 or

Larry Fenn Brings Holiday Joy to Austintown Children

December 22, 2016













Pictured left to right: Howland resident Larry Fenn, Howland Activity Director Traci Luther and her daughter.

Shepherd of the Valley Howland resident Larry Fenn had no idea that growing his beard out would lead to a new alter ego.

Many years ago, Fenn grew his beard during the summer. A friend suggested he should try his hand at playing Santa Clause. He thought she was joking, but shortly after, she made him a full Santa suit. Fenn began to visit local nursing homes in an effort to spread holiday cheer. His wife would dress as Mrs. Clause and accompany him as the residents would visit with him. He enjoyed playing Santa so much that he began visiting private homes.

“I remember visiting two young boys and seeing them peeking out the windows when I pulled into the driveway. They ran out of the house to see me. It was a lot of fun to bring joy to so many people,” Fenn remembered fondly.

Fenn has dressed as Santa several times at Shepherd of the Valley Howland, greeting visitors and taking pictures with them by the Christmas tree. While he enjoyed it, he missed visiting children.

On December 22, Shepherd of the Valley arranged for Fenn to visit the children at Austintown Community Church Preschool. He was able to relive his favorite pastime just in time for Christmas. He lit up as the children told him what they wanted. The visit was a dream come true for both Fenn and the children.

Support the Poland Capital Campaign!

December 19, 2016




















Download the Poland Capital Campaign Brochure here.

Donor Options

Don Williams

December 19, 2016

For more than forty years, Don Williams spent his time behind the camera at WKBN. As a cameraman, he worked primarily on the morning news but also had an important role behind the scenes building and designing sets, props and working on special projects.

Don had a stroke a few years ago. He was not ready to leave his job at WKBN quite yet, but due to his health, Don had to retire. That has not stopped him from hoping and dreaming of returning to the station as a cameraman.

When Don came to Shepherd of the Valley Boardman for rehabilitation following a stroke, he told his story to Activity Director Kim Osborn. Kim was determined to get Don back to WKBN. On December 19, 2016, Don went back to WKBN for the day.

Since his retirement, the cameras in the newsroom are now automated- they no longer require a cameraman operating them- so he was unable to man a camera during the news. Don had the opportunity to visit with his co-workers and reminisce about years gone by. It was truly a great day for Don and his WKBN family.


Did you get your flu shot?

December 4, 2016

It's National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW)! Did you know that flu season can begin as early as October, it usually peaks between December and February, and it can last as late as May? As long as flu virsues are spreading, it's not too late to get a flu vaccine to protect yourself and your loved ones through fall, winter and into spring. #GetAFluVax