10 Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re Away

1. Create the illusion of someone being home. Set lights, television, radio on a timer to create the typical noise and lights of an average home at night. Show signs of the home being lived in. Put a hold on your mail and daily paper so there is not a huge pile in your mailbox tipping someone off that you are gone.

2. Hold your tongue. Do not advertise that you are going to be leaving for an extended period of me. Do not leave a message on your answering machine saying you will be away. Never, ever announce your departure or vacation date on social networks. Don’t men on your trip online unless you are back.

3. Trust a friend. Give your vaca on contact info and a spare key to at least one friends or neighbor. Ask them to keep an eye on the property while you are away.

4. Consider security. You may want to purchase an alarm system. It can be a great idea to advertise your security measures with signs to deter criminals. Let your home security company know you will be away and make sure the alarm is set and working when you leave.

5. Lock up. Make sure all the windows and doors are secured and locked. Close your garage door. Take any spare, hidden keys out of commission. Unplug all unnecessary appliances to protect your home from an electrical re or power surge.

6. Put valuables in a safe place. Do not leave your valuables or important information out in the open. Lock up your jewelry, important paperwork, any valuable or sensitive documents in a fireproof safe. Consider locking up any medications.

7. Be careful who you trust. Never open doors for strangers or give them information about yourself in person or on the phone. Give household help limited information. Do not give your keys or alarm passcodes out.

8. Work together. Create a neighborhood watch with the assistance of the police department. Participate in the meetings.

9. Keep your eyes open. Do not be complacent, be aware of your surroundings. Report any suspicious behavior immediately or use the alarm.

10. Get Shepherd of the Valley involved. Make sure to alert Shepherd of the Valley so we can monitor your home during your absence. Ask our maintenance department about putting a doorstop in your slider door, help setting timers or sound alarms for when you are gone. Consider purchasing dusk to dawn porch lights that we can install on your front and back porch.