The Adventures of Flat Grandpa

Inspired by the Second Wind Dreams Flat Elder Project, Shepherd of the Valley has decided to share the adventures of Flat Grandpa!

Flat Grandpa wasn’t always flat; in fact Flat Grandpa was rather athletic. A prize fighter, born and raised in Youngstown, OH, he took his fair share of hits but always came out on top and became one of the most famous fighters in the United States. His mom always told him “You’ll get a flat nose because of all those hits” but he was so good and won so much money he didn’t want to stop boxing. It would seem logical to think that one solid hit from his opponent would cause him to go flat but you’d be wrong!

Fast forward several years, bumps, bruises and girlfriends later to a 20th wedding anniversary trip to fabulous Las Vegas, the home of big boxing matches and glitz and glamour. After a day of wining, dining and shopping (his wife has a terrible shoe habit) it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for bed. Flat Grandpa’s wife asked him to put the new shoe boxes away while she relaxed on the couch. He opened the closet door and Wham! A complete avalanche of shoe boxes toppled on top of him, flattening him to a pancake. It took the hotel staff several minutes to even locate him underneath those boxes.

The former boxer was literally knocked out, but not the way everyone expected…

Fast forward 30 years and the side effects of taking all those blows are becoming more noticeable. The mind isn’t what it used to be, the joints are achy and a new hip is necessary. After undergoing orthopedic surgery he chose Shepherd of the Valley for his rehabilitation needs. He had such a good experience and enjoyed his time so much that he refused to go home. He did have one strange request; he wanted to have stays at each of the Shepherd communities to make as many friends as possible. But watch out for this guy! He has a tendency to follow you wherever you go!

Flat Grandpa has had many adventures visiting all of the residents and employees at Shepherd, going on outings and making new friends. Check out some of his adventures here:


Flat Grandpa spent some time working with our maintenance team, making sure the building is in tip top shape.


On an outing with the residents at Niles. Lunch and a movie!

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