Clara Evans

Poland’s final Dream for 2017 did not go as planned.

Clara Evans, a skilled nursing resident who started in our assisted living, was upset along with her daughter because this would be the first year Clara would not be able to attend the family Christmas dinner at her daughter’s home due to her physical limitations.

So of course the Activity Department decided the best solution was to bring Christmas dinner to her!

We talked to Clara and her daughter and set the guest list; 2 granddaughters, their spouses, their 4 children and Clara’s daughter and son-in-law. We then decided on a spaghetti dinner from Belleria and Handel’s Ice Cream for dessert, Clara’s favorite, and that we would purchase gifts for Clara to give to her great grandchildren. She looked at some ads and on the internet with her daughter and they came up with a list of a couple items for each of the four children, which we purchased, along with a few extras of course, and wrapped for them. We were all set to have the Dream dinner on Sunday, December 17th, a day that worked well for everyone.

Sadly, Friday, December 15th at 8:30am, Clara passed away, quite peacefully, with her daughter by her side. We went to offer our sincere condolences and she said we could just cancel everything, even the gifts for the kids. But we felt that Clara would want them to have these gifts, which she personally chose for each of them, as their last Christmas gifts from “Grandma E”, so we loaded them up and took them to Clara’s daughter to take home and pass out at the family Christmas. They were very thankful for what we had done, but we were just as thankful to have been part of it, even though we didn’t have the chance to celebrate Clara’s Christmas dinner.