Eugene Brungardt

Poland Shepherd of the Valley resident Gene Brungardt enjoyed a beautiful day at Mill Creek Park as part of a Second Wind Dream.

Gene loves fishing and often enjoyed sitting on the shores of both Mosquito and Pymatuning Lakes with his wife as they waited for their day’s catches! The Mill Creek Park Police Department provided Gene with a fishing pole and bait so he could enjoy a day doing his favorite past time!

A big THANK YOU to Kravitz Deli for providing Gene and our Second Wind Dream team with a wonderful and very tasty lunch!

Maureen, Mill Creek’s Event Coordinator, helped us have an enjoyable afternoon as she toured us around the gardens and Lake Glacier. Thank you Maureen!

Gene’s daughters came along to watch their Dad enjoy his special day as well. As you can see from the pictures, Gene did not catch any fish but he did catch a very angry snapping turtle! Good thing Tony Perrone, Shepherd’s Foundation Director, now nicknamed Tony the Turtle Whisperer, was with us on this dream to help out!