Glenn Weaver

Poland skilled nursing resident Glenn Weaver was hoping to attend a high school football game. Now a high school football game may not sound exciting as far as a dream goes, but when you have four grandsons who play ball and there’s only one you’ve not seen on the field, it becomes a little more exciting.

Glenn’s oldest grandson plays for Springfield Local and is a freshman, which means he doesn’t always get field time in Friday night games. But we contacted the Athletic Director and explained everything and, while not guaranteeing field time, he did say they would do what they could to make sure he played. The day of the trip, we gave Glenn his gear: a Springfield Tigers fitted hat, T-shirt that said “Springfield Football Grandpa”, a hoodie with the Tigers logo and “Grandpa” on it, warm Tigers sweat pants, an orange Tigers fleece blanket and a Tigers sports bottle. He came out in his head-to-toe Springfield Gear, ready to go! We hopped on the bus and when we got to the school there was a parking spot and welcoming committee waiting for us right at the gate. Glenn’s family was there to greet him and walked with us as we took our place the Athletic Director had reserved for us, ON the field, right to the side of the goal post and in front of the gate where the players come on and off the field. It was announced over the loudspeakers that he was there for a Second Wind Dream and to see his grandson play. People he hadn’t seen in years happened to be there and were coming over to say hello to him, he had many family members there and as it so happened, his grandson played more in that game than he’d gotten to all season! Even though it was chilly, we made it for the entire game and stayed to watch them raise the Victory Flag at The Rock. Needless to say, he had a fantastic time as the Springfield Football Grandpa of the game!