Helen Taipale

Howland resident Helen Taipale had simple dream of going for a ride in the country and meeting the people. She felt a ride in the country represented freedom.

Helen looked out the window during the entire ride! She kept saying everything “looks calm & quiet” and shared stories how she lived on a farm when she was younger.

She watched a train go by, a young Amish boy sitting on front stoop watching traffic go by, beautiful farm homes with long ropes with laundry hanging out to dry, horses, Amish horse and buggy, haystacks, cornfields, silos, tractors cutting on side of road, people sitting on porches relaxing and people congregating outside general store.

We stopped by the Johnstown Fire Department and was visited by Clark, a young firefighter who spoke with her. She shook his hand and said thank you for all he does.

Peter Allen Inn sponsored her dream and gave her a $50 gift certificate for a meal in their restaurant. The Inn was a dream in itself- absolutely stunning. She had a fabulous burger (fresh beef was bred by owner of inn), complete with dessert, chocolate cake. She had her second wind dream and ate her cake too!

Last stop was at the Commons General Store where she enjoyed looking at an array of antiques, met a worker who gave her homemade Amish ice cream, said hello to some patronsand bought a bag of homemade hard candy sticks.

Helen enjoyed her time in the country!