Richard Werner

Howland resident Richard Werner and his family ran a farmer’s market, Delightful Gardens. Business was good and Richard worked long hours to reap the benefits of his labor.  He would drive a box truck up to Cleveland leaving at three o'clock in the morning just to bring fresh produce to his stand by opening time.  His wife, Florence, said they expanded their market to include variety of flowers- mums, roses, perennials and gladiolas. When the season changed, they sold Christmas trees.  Richard used to have to shake the snow off the trees to show off their beauty.

Richard remembers his time working at Four Seasons fondly. He told the staff of Shepherd of the Valley about Delightful Gardens and he seemed to be transported in time. He smiled, and his eyes lit up as he told stories about the days gone by: Paul Newman stopping and buying 2 watermelons; a police take down at their stand of a man who robbed a bank of $80,000, President Nixon driving past, and how the town had a soap box derby by the market on top of the hill.

Unfortunately, in 1973 the Oil Crisis had a direct effect on their business. With less and less traffic going by, they were forced to close their. Richard decided to move their stand to Four Seasons Flea Market, lot #37 row A. Richard and Florence sold a variety of items for many years.

When asked if he could go anywhere in the world, Richard told Activity Director Traci Luther he would like to visit Four Seasons and reconnect with old friends and see who took over lot #37, row A. The team at Shepherd of the Valley made Richard's dream come true and brought him back to Four Seasons on July 16, 2017.