Second Wind Dreams

We know that each and every chapter in the lives of our residents has deep meaning.

Our organization, Second Wind Dreams, is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of our residents. And financial support is key to this provision. Whether the dream is to visit a hometown, get front row seats to a Broadway show or gather family and friends for an ice cream social, no dream is too big or too small! Individual and corporate donations help to support these worthwhile events and make dreams come true for our residents.

Second Wind Dreams® was founded in 1997. Its name is derived from a novel of the same name by P.K. Beville, a geriatric specialist who wrote about the wonderful, colorful and sometimes hysterical people who live and work in nursing homes. Shepherd of the Valley participates in Second Wind Dreams, an international, nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to changing the perception of aging through the fulfillment of dreams.

In 2014, Second Wind Dreams recognized Shepherd of the Valley as one of the top five organizations participating in the program. Shepherd’s residents are encouraged to share their lofty wishes. And, Shepherd's staff tries to make sure that these dreams come true. Shepherd of the Valley grants several wishes throughout the year at all of our communities. Wishes are also granted for our home health care clients.

Second Wind Stories

Clara Evans

December 15, 2017

Poland’s final Dream for 2017 did not go as planned. Clara Evans, a skilled nursing resident who started in our assisted living, was upset along with her daughter because this would be the first year Clara would not be able to attend the family Christmas dinner at her daughter’s home due to her physical limitations.…

Virginia Chiarello

November 17, 2017

Poland assisted living resident Virginia Chiarello  will tell you time and again that she is Italian and proud! On November 17th, we hosted our very own Italian Festival… Virginia’s Italian Festival, to be exact. We created a special design and had shirts made for her entire family and the Activity Staff, along with special coasters for…

Glenn Weaver

October 27, 2017

Poland skilled nursing resident Glenn Weaver was hoping to attend a high school football game. Now a high school football game may not sound exciting as far as a dream goes, but when you have four grandsons who play ball and there’s only one you’ve not seen on the field, it becomes a little more…

Eva Gwazdauskas

October 20, 2017

Poland assisted living resident Eva Gwazdauskas is a true farm and country woman. She grew up in Woodbury, Connecticut (which she will happily tell you, adding that it’s the best place there is) on a farm with her 10 brothers and sisters. She loved the farm and country life and her (youngest of 8) daughter…

Stephana Liptak

October 18, 2017

Don’t ask Poland resident Stephana Liptak if she WAS a Nurse as she will tell you she IS a Nurse, “Once a Nurse, always a Nurse.” Stephana was a nurse in WWII with a heart of gold, a devout Catholic, leads our nursing Rosary circle for our residents, is our Nursing Resident Council President and…

YSU Softball Team Pumpkin Carving at Boardman

October 11, 2017

In 2015, Jean Roepke’s dream of being back on the softball field came true with the help of Brian Campbell and the YSU Softball team. Since then, the softball team has been visiting SOV Boardman for activities with Jean and the residents. Most recently, the team stopped by to visit the resident and carve pumpkins. Thank…