Stephana Liptak

Don’t ask Poland resident Stephana Liptak if she WAS a Nurse as she will tell you she IS a Nurse, “Once a Nurse, always a Nurse.”

Stephana was a nurse in WWII with a heart of gold, a devout Catholic, leads our nursing Rosary circle for our residents, is our Nursing Resident Council President and makes rosaries for resident’s who would like/need one. On October 18, 2017, Stephana Liptak was invited to a special Youngstown Council of Catholic Nurses Mass and Luncheon at St. Columba Cathedral. Stephana was an R.N. in World War II and is one of the few female veterans we’ve had here at Poland. Before leaving the facility, the Activity Department presented her with a gift basket of World War II books written by Nurses who were also there, a vintage propaganda poster encouraging women to join the war effort, and a very special rosary made with her February birthstone as Stephana leads our weekly Rosary group. We arranged for the bus to come pick up Stephana and get us to the gorgeous Cathedral where there was a special Mass held just for the Council of Nurses. Afterwards we were treated to a catered luncheon where Stephana was presented with a flower and recognized for her lifelong service. She was so happy and proud to be part of this special day as she did not think she would be able to attend.