The Calling of Shepherd of the Valley

Working for Shepherd of the Valley (SOV) is more than just a job. It is a calling. Here at Shepherd we take pride in what we do by providing quality and compassionate care for our residents each day. We are only as good as our employees so we try to provide the best care not only for our patients but for our employees as well.

Our Values

At Shepherd of the Valley we encourage professional and personal growth. We create the best environment for all staff members to thrive and succeed in and out of the workplace. We are working hard to redefine aging. Our goal is to have seniors in the Mahoning Valley to not only live life but to celebrate it on a daily basis and each employee is a part of achieving that goal.

Benefits of being an Employee

The benefits are great to being a Shepherd of the Valley employee. Insurance is always a concern when job searching and SOV offers medical, dental, eye, and prescription drug coverage. We also offer a $10,000 life insurance benefit. Flexible Spending accounts are also offered through Shepherd of the Valley. These plans allow employees to pay certain medical expenses as well as child care on a pretax basis.

The future is always concerning and Shepherd of the Valley has you covered. Employees are eligible to participate in SOV’s 403(b) taxed deferred annuity from the first day. The future at Shepherd is bright because we are concerned about your future as well. We understand that people go to a job and look for future growth. SOV employees can grow through pay raises. All employees are evaluated annually and given a pay raise based on their performance. That’s not the only room for growth. As mentioned before we want to see our employees grow within and outside of the workplace. SOV offers education support, our Professional Development Scholarship awards $1000 each year to employees pursuing further education in their field.

Some people like to take holidays off while others don’t mind being at work during special times of the year. Paid time off for Shepherd of the Valley employees begins accumulating immediately so that special times can be spent with family and friends. For those that work during holidays SOV recognizes six paid holidays. Those who work on a holiday are paid double time. In the third year of service, all employees are paid for their birthday.

Additional bonuses are also offered to employees. SOV employees are eligible for discounts at local businesses. Employees of the month are recognized with a bonus. Recruitment bonuses for staff and residents are awarded. A quarterly wellness bonus is awarded for participating in a health and wellness check. After three years, employees receive an ongoing longevity bonus.

Working for Shepherd of the Valley is a calling. So those that choose to answer the call will also be rewarded by doing work that they love with people who share the same calling to help those in need.